Annelies Scott Counselling [ASC] - Counselling, Talking Therapy, Psychotherapy - Guildford, Surrey, UK
  • Annelies Scott Counselling [ASC] - Counselling , Talking Therapy, Psychotherapy - Guildford, Surrey, UK.

How I Work

I offer a confidential, non-judgmental, compassionate space for you to explore whatever it is you need from counselling. 

I am fully qualified in three humanistic models of counselling and psychotherapy:

  • Person-centred
  • Existential
  • Gestalt

They share a faith in and respect for a person’s ability to fulfill their potential given the right support and environment (see more below). 

In the therapy room, this means I will mostly be in a role of compassionate, supportive listening, and where appropriate, and if it feels right for the client, will offer creative activities to help exploration.

My Counselling Models